Most Effective Ways to Use Content Marketing for Startups


Today we all are aware of the word Startup’s there are millions of entrepreneurs are there who are starting their own startup companies especially in this Covid-19 Pandemic according to the sources there are 42 Indian startups have already made it to the unicorn club in 2021 and we are dam sure that the number would be double in the year 2022. 

Many startups companies have entered the unicorn club in 2021 some of them we would like to list.

  • Digit Insurance
  • Meesho
  • PharmEasy
  • CRED
  • Groww
  • Urban Company 

These are some of the well know brands who have stated in 2021 and there are many more. But do you know for startup founders, there is no greater thrill than witnessing your vision become reality and ensuring that their business venture should successful they need a strong and unique content marketing strategy.

Some in today’s blog will be going to discuss the most effective tips for content marketing for startups and new entrepreneurs.

What Is Content Marketing?

Before going to discuss the strategy we need to know what is content marketing describing it in a simple term it is that form of marketing that involves the process of creating and distributing digital assets, such as blog posts, videos, ebooks, infographics, and much more for promoting your content you can take bits of help of social media it is considered as an integral part of content marketing. In the simplest terms, content marketing for startups is the art and science of creating and distributing content for promoting your startup.

Creative Ways of Content Marketing for Startups:

In this post, you will be going to find the useful content marketing tips that would help your startup’s business and you will also learn about the most effective techniques for content creation and distribution.

Search Trending Topics:

Before designing content you need some ideas and suggestions for that you can try picking out ideas from content that is already successful. You can also use tools like Buzz Sumo which will help you in finding the trending and popular topics which would help you in your overall content marketing strategy. You just need to type a keyword or topics that you are interested in buzz sumo will give you thousands of articles that you can review and you will get content ideas from there and you can implement these ideas into your content marketing strategy for startups. You can also create alert notifications where you will receive new ideas and topics.

So, this way you can use that content idea and if you like it you can also turn it into something more captivating, such as an infographic or informative video content.

Publish Guest Posts to Reputate Sites:

Many startups and entrepreneurs at the beginning face the problem that how they should promote their content to the targetted audience so If you are among them then you should start publishing your content on the guest posting sites. The best option is to connect with reputable, high-authority sites that already have loyal readers. You just need to find the niche relevant sites and start pitching them professional mail.

The main goal of guest posts is to get a backlink from the relevant sites and it also helps in boosting your website traffic with this you can enhance your content marketing. It has been said that Guest blogging has helped entrepreneurs to improve their performance it has been also said that it boosted search traffic by 20%, and also helped them to rank the first page of Google.

Focus On More Visual Content:

We all use Facebook regularly while using many a time you will come across a catchy text or a catchy infographic which would you going to choose or read the first text or infographic. I am sure that millions of people choose infographics first over text content. People find a picture more attractive and they will process visuals much easier than texts.

So you should not only focus on marketing your blog post but you should also target other aspects of content marketing such as Videos, infographics, memes, graphics, or video content besides your usual blogs. One can easily share them through their social media channels and also through email marketing.

Visual content plays a really major role not all time people will read your article and they are also aren’t bothered to click on the link and chances are there that it could harm your content strategy. So infographics are very powerful tools that help you increase revenue growth.

Post Content Regularly:

In content, marketing consistency plays a key role you need to post content regularly so that your readers can trust you but you can’t create a blog post every day so for that, you can schedule a proper calendar where you can decide to post a new blog every week or you can also make a content calendar where you can make proper planning of how many contents you should publish a month.

Influencers In Content Creation:

When you are at a starting stage influencers can help you in marketing your brand or building your startup they are people who have built a reputation for themselves in a particular niche or industry. People will always follow them listen carefully to what they say.

One of the best ways to get influencers notified of your work is by mentioning them in your content suppose if you read any good article and you find it knowledgable then you can share it with your target audience and also link them in the post. And you can also share it on social media and tag the influencer.

Promote Your Content On Social Media:

Social media marketing is the best way to market your content by sharing the content on all your social media channels you can share your newly published post on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But adding the link to the blog will not work you need to add all the suitable things such as proper hashtags, preview images, and small inro related to your article.

Focus On Niche Topics:

As a startup, you can set yourself away from big players by writing about niche topics that are not that well-covered in your industry. It has three advantages will reduce the level of competition, brand building, establish you as an authority in your niche. For this again Buzz Sumo will give you a clear idea you just need to type the long-tail keyword related to the niche and you will get 1000 content ideas you can use those content and start promoting it in the way you want i.e as a blog, video, image, infographic, etc.

Google will also give you a clear idea about the content you just need to type your keyword on the google search bar and it will show you the suggestions related to your keywords and you can also consider them.

Right Time To Post Content:

Timing is the most important aspect which can affect the overall hard work and success of your content and overall strategy. The audience would not be online all day as you need to know the best time to post content. 

Son whenever you are tweeting or posting any post on Facebook, Linkedin or any infographic know the exact time then only post. In case you are not active on that schedule your post to a particular time so that your audience can read it and your post will get more views and audience engagement. For your information, we have listed the right time for posting on social media.

Twitter:  between 8-10 am and 6-9 pm

Facebook: between 1 pm – 3 pm  

Linkedin: between Tuesday and Thursday in the morning, lunchtime, or early evening 

Instagram: 7 AM to 5 PM For the highest engagement post between 10 AM to 12 PM

So Are You Ready to Use Content Marketing for Your Startup?

These 8 below steps will help you in establishing a proper content roadmap and will also guide how you should plan your overall content marketing strategy for startups. You will also know the key parameters of your target audience and how you would resolve the problems by making an effective content strategy.


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