A Beginner’s Guide to What This Covid-19 Lockdown Has Taught Us:

We all know the current situation of our country we all are locked in our house due to Coronavirus Pandemic but the good thing is that we all are safe and happy as we all are with our loved ones usually in my blogs I talk about the Digital Marketing but in this blog, I will talk about the Coronavirus.

That how this coronavirus has globally impacted our lives but in this tough time many people have learned very new things in this period let’s discuss that in this blog:

1. People get more time to spend with their family:

There was a time when people do not get time to spend with their family but in this period of lockdown many of them are spending quality time with their family which is good with this the bond with the family will become stronger.

They not only spend time but also remember some of the old memories such as:

Seeing old family albums or photographs this lockdown, having a video call with the loved ones who are far away, Watching Marriage DVD’S, Watching old serials such as Mahabhaharat, Ramayan, and many more.

2. Some new Creativity:

Lockdown has made people more creative as they are doing some creative things in which they are a good many people starts cooking delicious food, Many of them are singing in their free time, Many people are doing some creative works which are related to crafts and many are reading books and some of them are spending time in enhancing skills in technical things such as digital marketing, social media, Starts writing Blogs and much more.

Many of them have started cooking and they make delicious food so this is good that people are engaging themselves in some activities

3. People are playing more indoor games:

Today children are playing more indoor games in this quarantine period with their families such as Business Game, Chess, Carrom, Ludo, Scrabble, and musical chairs and much more so it is good that children are playing more indoor games with their families and friends and one can also play other games such as Damsharas, Truth or Dare this type of game will give them more enjoyment

4. People are involving themselves more in Household works:

This lockdown has completely changed the mindset of most of the people who do not involve themselves in household works but today they are involving them in household works which are good that people are doing household works and helping their loved ones in doing the household activities.

Helping mothers in various works such as help them in cooking food, help them in cleaning the house, help them in washing the plates, and in many other ways kids are helping their mothers.


So, coming to conclusion this lockdown has taught us many things that always be happy, Always stay together, Love your family and friends, Show some creativity if you have and always be a HAPPY MAN.

STAY HAPPY; STAY HEALTHY “Because there could be no happiness without a good health a healthy outside starts from the inside”

Shobhit Srivastava
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