Five upcoming Whatsapp new Features Expected To Launch In 2022

Whatsapp new features 2022

We all are aware of Whatsapp and millions of people across the world are using it. WhatsApp is one of the most used and liked applications people use this application not only to stay in touch with their families but also to boost their business.

Whatsapp has made life very simple today people can connect with their friends and families by using Whatsapp in different ways via Message, Via call, Video call, Sharing Images, and much more, and now one can also transfer money online just like Google Pay. But are you aware of the upcoming new features of WhatsApp in 2022 if no then don’t worry in this article we are going to tell you about the new aspects and features that WhatsApp will give to its users in 2022?.

New Features In Whatsapp That Are Expected To Launch In 2022:

  1. Message Reaction
  2. Hide last seen for selected users
  3. Communities
  4. Time limit for disappearing message
  5. Photo Editor

Below pointed are some of the expected features in 2022 let’s discuss all 5 points in brief so that you can get the proper knowledge about all the features.

  1. Message Reaction:

The main source of using WhatsApp is messaging millions of people use it to communicate with each other now you can also talk via call but when WhatsApp was launched in India its main aim was messaging but now the user will be able to react to any message with an emoji this type of feature is already there in meta owned Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook messenger. It is also added that the users can now react to the messages sent from their friends and it is also expected that every message will also feature a reaction info tab. This area will let users see the various reactions that have been given to a message. It is also said that all reactions are listed in an ‘All’ tab, while other emoji reactions will have their separate tabs.

2. Hide last seen for selected users:

In this update, it is stated that the users now can hide the last seen and blue ticks on read messages the company is already working on this feature. As we all know that during the Covid-19 Pandemic users have spent more time on the internet interacting with their friends and families so hiding the last seen features from selected contacts will not only help them in pandemic but will also help them in post-pandemic.

3. Communities:

It is also said that Whatsapp is actively working on the ‘Community’ feature to streamline group chats the main aim of this feature will offer the group admins more power and control over the group this will allow admins to create sub-groups to manage the flow of information it is also said WhatsApp will allow users to join a community through a sharable link.

4. Time limit for disappearing message:

Whatsapp has rolled out a feature of disappearing messages last year in this feature Whatsapp automatically deletes a message from the chat when enabled as of now the messages are automatically deleted after seven days but soon the time will increase to 90 days.

5. Photo Editor:

Whatsapp has introduced three new exciting features to its globally famous messaging application company has come up with one web version and for the mobile version as well and apart from this users will get 2 separate features from mobile users as well. Users can now edit the images from the web and mobile versions before sending them.

Let’s read below the latest features of Whatsapp and how they function:

  • Desktop Photo Editor: In this feature, the user will be able to edit their image on a desktop before sending it to their friends and families they can also add stickers as well earlier this feature was only limited to the mobile user but now web-based users can use as well.

  • Sticker Suggestions: Snapchat is famous for the stickers you can send different types of stickers to your friends and families but now Whatsapp has also launched a new feature where they will be able to suggest stickers as per user conversations users do not have to manually search for the stickers it will popup automatically as user type the message. This will enhance the user experience by not breaking the chat flow.

  • Link Previews: In this feature, users will be able to see the full link preview when they send out a link to their friends and families. Users will now be able to see the larger portion of the text preview and will increase the overall user experience.


So, there were some of the upcoming features which will be launched in 2022 and some of them are already launched and users are using and we hope that you use all these features which we have discussed as much as the company wants you to. Follow TheDigitalFact for more updates related to SEO, Business, Technology, and the latest ongoing trends.  

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