6 Ways To Optimize Your Google Business Profile In 2022

business profile page in 2022

Today, there are millions of people who are using Google according to a report it is stated that the site holds more than 92% of the search engine market share. There are many other platforms of google that helps every business to run their companies or startups successfully one of the very successful platforms is Google Business Profile (earlier known as Google My Business) we know that everyone is aware of this platform but in today’s blog will going to discuss briefly that how one can get more customers in 2022 by properly optimizing there Google Business Profile Page.

How you should optimize Google Business Profile

  1. Customization Of Your Profile

Whenever you are registering your business the first important step is to properly customize your profile you need to add all the relevant details properly such as business hours, messaging preferences, business description, and photos. Google itself says that business that adds complete information is easy to match with the right searches. So make sure you have added all the relevant details which help your page to rank well and get easily searched.

2. Real Images And Videos Of Your Business

When you have successfully created your account and when it is verified your task does not end there many people do this mistake they create the account but do not regularly update it. So whenever you create your profile make sure to add the real images of your business suppose you have done some event or any type of team building activity then please add that relevant images and videos for the same. Adding images will make it easier for a user to understand your business.

In case you are running a restaurant so add images of your meals, menu, dining, and much more but make sure they look appetizing, and professional because it is said that businesses with photos receive more requests for directions and more clicks through to their websites.

3. Include keywords In Your Profile

It is said that using the right keywords will also increase your chances of ranking in the SERP so try to use your targeted keywords in the description section of your google business profile for that you can use many tools such as keyword planner or Google Trends. But Don’t stuff keywords or use irrelevant ones – this can hurt your search ranking use them in a natural way in your business description.

4. Focus on answering reviews and questions

Review plays a very major role or deciding factor that tips prospective customers in your favor. Today people trust only good reviews if you have a 4+ star review rating then they will consider your website good so try to get positive reviews from your previous clients so that it can help you in improving your Google ranking. The best time to ask for a review is after providing a great experience.

Google provides a direct link to ask customers to review your business.

How you can ask for a review request link from Google Business Profile

  • In the dashboard scroll down the button that says share review form.
  • Click the share review form button your google review link will appear and now you can share that link with your clients via WhatsApp, email, or Facebook.
  • You can also send them a text message with this link attached.

One can also respond to their review both in a positive and negative way it is said that businesses that respond to reviews are considered 1.7 times more trustworthy.

5. Keep Your Business Information Up To Date

Make sure to edit your business if you have changed the hours of operation, contact information, etc. And yes if you have special hours for holidays or even as a one-off, make sure they are reflected in your Google Business Profile. Not updating your business hours many a time will directly reflect your leads, and branding and somehow will make a negative impact in minds of customers. So always edit your business profile page whenever you have to make any changes to it.

6. Create Google My Business Posts

On Google Profile Page creating a GMB post plays a very important role one can list their products, events, blogs, videos, gifs, and much more it will create a good impression in the mind of customers and your business profile will look more genuine and it will also help in building organic traffic on your website.


So, these were the six main points that you can focus on this will definitely boost your Google Business Profile page and also help in getting More Customers in 2022. And these 6 steps will not only help big firms but also the small startups, service providers, and bloggers who are looking to optimize their business profiles to get verified leads or calls from customers, and we can proudly say that applying these steps will increase your chances of ranking in search engine and also helps in establishing your overall brand presence.

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