How To Use Quora For SEO And Link Building


Quora is one of the best Question and Answer platforms that helps millions of SEO users to drive organic traffic to their website and it also helps online businesses, startups to build their online growth in the market. 

Apart from an Off-page SEO activity, Quora helps in Content Marketing one can create a good amount of content related to their niche and publish it. So, today in this article we will be going to discuss in deep Quora and how it helps in building an SEO strategy and growth.

How Quora helps in building SEO Strategy:

1. Helps in publishing your Content:

Quora is the best platform to publish your content such as your Blogs, Guest Post and Web 2.0 you can not only rank your pages but can also focus on ranking your website’s blogs. You just need to plan your content accordingly and need to find the relevant questions related to your articles and then try to answer them and add your article link there it will help you in getting views and traffic on your blog page. And please try to add the relevant image with your answer if you are publishing your blog then add the proper feature image. This will add more relevancy to your content and the chances of views will be more.

2. Helps in creating quality backlinks:

In SEO backlinks play a very major role and Quora helps you in creating a quality amount of backlinks you can add more than one relevant link on your Quora Answer. And in that, you can focus on ranking your keywords and blogs as well but will personally refer you to add two links in your Content only. Adding more than two links will not get many views and there is a chance that quora might delete your answer.

3. Helps in ranking your targeted keywords:

In Off-Page activities, there is very less platform which helps you in ranking your keywords but Quora is one platform where you can plan a proper SEO Strategy that which keyword you need to rank and you can add that keyword in your content you can use your targeted keywords and also a keyword whose search volume is low and can plan accordingly one can also go with there long-tail keywords.  

4. Helps in creating your own spaces:

Very few people are aware of the Quora spaces and there is no other platform that allows you to create separate spaces. So basically spaces are the groups that one can make after creating their account a new feature that enables you to create communities around specific topics of interest. Similar to Facebook groups, but the difference is not everyone who belongs to the Space can contribute content. If you “own” the group, you can contribute content and choose others who are allowed to contribute. Those who follow the Space can share, but not contribute, content including Quora answers and articles from the web. It is a very valuable method by which businesses, individual bloggers, and startups can improve their off-page SEO by providing links back to their websites. 

5. Helps in running Ads:

We all are aware of Google Ads on which we can run different types of paid ads but are you aware of Quora Advertising it runs a self serve platform where an advertiser can create ads and target the users. Signing up on a quora account is free you need to pay only when someone clicks on your ads. This advertising helps millions of users to drive traffic to their websites. Below are some of the things which you need to take care of before creating Quora Ads.

How Do You Advertise on Quora?

  • Create a Quora Account
  •  Install Quora Pixel
  •  Audience Targetting
  •  Set your targets and bids properly


So, these were some of the highlighted points hope your all doubts are cleared and you get a proper understanding of how quora help in building good SEO traffic. So, If you are a startup or running an online business try out the below strategy and you could see the desired results in the given time.

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