Financial Army: Unsung warriors In this Coronavirus battle

Since the pandemic situation of the corona has begun the situation has turned from bad to worst. Among this entire situation, there were many sectors that were working tremendously well for the well-being of humans and humanity such as doctors, nurses, municipality staff such as sweepers and cleaning staff, and many more. All these sectors have worked very hard to save our life and for the betterment of humanity. These people and their determination their hard work has shown us the difference between “REEL HEROES AND REAL HEROES”

But today we will not talk about their work neither we will appreciate their well-being because they have already received so much appreciation from the entire country. Today we will talk about one specific sector that is working very hard and with full determination not only in this pandemic situation but in every such emergency situations and it is the financial army of our country our banking industries, But the irony of the situation is that even though they are working so hard by risking their lives in such pandemic situation forget about appreciation they are not even noticed for their hard work.

The 1st Covid-19 lockdown was implemented all over the country on 24th March 2020 at that time only essential services were allowed to operate and all other services were closed temporary since then banking industries have provided a tremendous service to the nation without even getting noticed for their work and their service to the nation. Very few of us knew that during the first phase of lockdown the government has deposited 500rs in the Jan Dhan bank account of people all over India. To withdraw this deposited amount from their account people visited their respective branch of different bank during a situation of the pandemic where social distancing was the most essential way to prevent the spread covid-19 there was a long queue outside bank which has increased the chance of getting affected to the virus for the banker and even for the public. But in such a situation of risk, a banker has not failed to deliver his service to the people and to the nation and especially the public sector bank or Sarkari bank the reason why I specifically mentioned public sector bank is that most of the Jan Dhan account is opened by public sector bank.

Public sector banks are one of those institutes that in every situation whether its demonetization or Pandemic Situation of covid -19 they have always work with full motivation and with the true spirit of national service irrespective to the fact that their work is not even been recognized by an individual or by the government. It’s not that all of them had a good experience of public sector bank but we can’t generalize entire sector on few worst experiences. They work for the betterment of people for the growth of the nation for boosting the economy for public service and many more these all things may not be appreciable but at least should be noticeable at least people should recognize their work.

During the phase of lockdown when all we people were safe by staying at home a banker has to go daily to his branch to serve their duty toward the nation and after reaching home there are many cases where a banker first take bath outside the house and then enter in the house and after keeping himself or herself in isolation for some time, there are cases where a father has not touched their newborn baby since when the covid-19 has started but still he continued to fulfill his duty toward the bank. There are mothers who after reaching home can’t hug their children because of fear but not for themself but for their children of getting affected and to date the situation is the same for the bank employees. Many bank employee has lost their life in covid-19 but who want to find any government data regarding “Number of bankers who have lost their life in covid-19 ” who know why because No one care about it and that would probably the worst thing a banker could feel if we talk on their behalf.

When a soldier serves his nation or died for his nation on the border he and his family get appreciation which he and his family deserve. But when a banker passed through the same kind of situation forgets about appreciation we don’t bother to notice their work their sacrifice for the nation.

If we can’t appreciate them let try and notice them recognize them and respect them for their service to the nation and for the people of the country.

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