What Is Image Alt Text And Why It Plays A Significant Role

Image Alt Text

Introduction To What Is Image Alt Text:

We all are aware of the importance of images it plays a very significant role and you can also consider them as an important asset for your web pages and blog pages. Image Alt Text (Alternative Text) also known as alt attribute or alt tag is a particular text which is added on the website so that google can properly fetch our relevant images but there are certain parameters which you need to be very careful about before adding the alt text on your images. There are four parameters that you need to fulfill and after that, your images will be optimized with Alt Text.

4 Main Parameters In Alt Text Images:

1. Alternative Text

2. Title

3. Caption

4. Description

  1. Alternative Text:

So alternative text is a tag that is added it is a small text that you need to the right which supports your images. Suppose your particular image is related to “Chocolate Oreo Cake” then you can add the “Alternative Text’: A beautiful chocolate oreo cake covered with creams. The main point of using “alt text” to your images is so that a text version is displayed to users if your image does not load properly many a times it happens that a particular image file does not respond so if you have added an “alt text” then the user will get the idea that what this image is all about.

2. Title:

So, the title field shows the specific title of your images let’s take an example if your image is titled “chocolatecakes.jpg” then the chocolate cake is what shows up in that field. The main mistake many people does is that they don’t retitle their images so they upload images that are titled “DSC14906.jpg always change the title to a short description of the image It assists you with tracking down the pictures later on your site on the off chance that you want to figure out them. Assuming hotcakes is a Website design enhancement catchphrase on your webpage, utilize that in the picture title. for instance: “hotcakes stack-banana-honey.jpg” is perfect.

3. Caption:

A caption is an easy field to understand it describes what is there in a particular picture for users who can see the images and what people want to know about what’s in it. Like alt text or description, the caption part does not show or closely mirror the type of images. Most people know how caption work but here is an example of how a caption can be written for a pancake photo.
The pancake is a traditional part of American breakfast. It’s commonly served with butter and syrup, but the addition of fruit and nuts makes it even more delicious.

4. Description

The description field is a little different and in this part, most people get confused images in the media library in WordPress are given their URL and when you go to this URL you will find an “image attachment page”. The description field can hold as much information as you want it can be like alt text but it is somehow longer you can also add your targetted keywords into this field and you can also add the links in the description field. You can add your important keywords here (no more than 10) and information that you want to closely describe the purpose of the post or page that the image is on.

Why Image Alt Text Plays A Significant Role:

Image alt text plays a very crucial role and if you have done proper image optimization then it will be easier for search engines at crawling text content because it has been said that they cannot cognitively understand visual elements. So they need a bit of human guidance to understand those elements.
So this means that without adding alt text on your images it will be difficult for search engines to understand the images on your page. Also, they wouldn’t know when to display them in search results, meaning there’s no search engine visibility for those images. So always try to do a proper image optimization of all the web pages and blog post images because images take up a prominent position in some search engine results.

And did you know that a recent study it has been said that 59% of respondents consider visual information more important than text? And this number goes more when it comes to shopping online for clothing and according to a survey it has found that 85% of respondents find visual information more important than text. Moreover, 36% of respondents have also performed a visual search in the past.

Now I think that you get a clear idea about why image alt text plays a very major role in SEO now let’s try to understand how you can improve your alt text for better search engine visibility.

Below are some of the best practices to follow when writing alt text for images:

  1. Be Specific:

When you are adding alt text to images be specific to describe your image because your goal is to ensure that people can immediately understand what the image is all about if they can’t see it.

2. Get Straight to the point:

Whenever you are describing your images don’t write a paragraph about the particular image because most readers only read up to 125 characters of alt text so you do need to take into consideration this point and keep your alt text for images clear and concise. So, try to describe only the most prominent elements in the image if there are too many elements.

3. Optimize with keywords:

We all know that alt-text images provide an amazing opportunity of adding your target keyword and inform search engines about the relevance of your page for a particular search query. But don’t use this opportunity to stuff your alt text with keywords or use them smartly because google may penalize you for keyword stuffing.

So, always take into consideration these three points before preparing a proper Image Alt text it will always help you in better SEO and always drives traffic to your website, and also helps you in image search results.

Final Thoughts:
So, always use the proper image alt text for better SEO strategy it is one of the small and critical elements which you should never ignore. By ignoring it you are giving your competitors a chance to rank better in search engines and more opportunity to get ahead of you. So from now onwards make it your standard practice to write alt text for images whenever you’re uploading an image to your site.

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