Nepotism not only exists in Bollywood but in Corporate World Also:

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What is Nepotism??

Talking about ‘nepotism and ‘groupism not only in the Bollywood industry but nepotism is everywhere in our corporate world also. Whether it will be an entry-level management trainee or senior-level executives, new joiners often experience resistance at their new place of work. Many a time they do not want to be a part of office politics but according to the situation they have to be the part of office politics. This thing is not only limited to trainees or executives this is faced by the top-level management such as senior executives, team leader, the senior manager they all are those who don’t know the term politics and groupism.

How to Handle Office Politics and Groupism.

  1. Hardworking and dedication to your work

If anyone wants to survive in the corporate world one should be very much efficient, hardworking and punctual to his work whatever work you have been given do it in an efficient time and in a proper way because your work only decides your quality. So be a hard worker in your work then only your image and reputation will be good and if you have done any mistake in your work such as in submitting a report then resolve that issue and present the report to your senior.

2. Do not work for Awards or Recognition

When we work for the company then we aspect something from the Company apart from salary and that is Awards and Recognition for our hard work and achievements which you have made for the Company. But on my behalf do not work for awards if you have a talent and good work you will definitely get your reward but when you only want recognition of your works then you will focus on your work and does mistakes in your work by which your work is not appreciated. So one should have a simple motto of life:

Hard work + Dreams + Dedication = Success

3. Show a positive attitude towards your work

Your positive attitude will show that how long you would survive so always have a positive attitude towards your works so whenever you are doing your work do it accurately and if you have any doubts clear it with your reporting person or one who has assigned you the work but do not do any type of mistake in your work especially when you are at a trainee level. And if your team leader or your Manager scolds you for not completing your work do not show anger as it will create a negative impact on your job show your positive attitude towards your work and complete it.

4. Do not take work as a burden take it as your responsibility 

Your work is your biggest achievement and if you will not take your work seriously you cannot be fit for the organization so your work should be first and then all other things do in that way that no one can tell you anything If you are making a report make it properly with all charts, diagrams, images, screenshots, and proper font size, proper data, analytics and if you are working in banks then proper adjustment of cash should be there if you are a cashier and no fraud should be there and one should keep a proper balance of cash. According to your job your responsibility is there so do it in that way.

So this was some of the points which one should keep in mind while working and lastly I just want to say that do not be a part of office Dirty Politics and never compare yourself with others if you have the knowledge, the ability to work and if you are a Hardworking person you will get success in your doorsteps.

And if I talk about Nepotism it is everywhere it exists in sports, Bollywood, corporate world, politics, etc so one cannot stop it but we can do one thing don’t think about it and do your work (whether you are in whichever profession) if you are good at your work you will get success one day SO WORK HARD AND DREAM BIG.

Nepotism is a disease which cannot be transmitted but can only be inherited”.

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